I Did NOT Wait Until My Wedding Night to Lose My Virginity and I Regret It

This is a topic I’ve never discussed publicly (and technically, still haven’t because you don’t know who I am), but I felt compelled to write about it. Some weeks ago, I stumbled across a post a friend shared in my … Continue reading

Dear Loretta from #PreachersofLA, I GET IT

Dear Loretta,   You may resent this. I mean what could a twentysomething know about the life of a seasoned-yet-fabulous woman such as yourself? But I see the similarities. We’re in the same situation, just at different places on the … Continue reading

Painful Waiting…

Today, a friend of a friend just announced that he and his wife of a couple years were having a baby. And not just having a baby, but a boy! Apparently, their little bun has been baking for just about … Continue reading

Pardon Me While I Kick You in the Shin

Picture this. I walk up to you, kick you in the shin, see you cry or scream in pain, and then blame you for the pain you feel, what would you think? The natural reaction for most red-blooded human beings … Continue reading

If Your Heart Can Be Broken, That Means It Still Works

If you’re a Once Upon a Time fan like me, then you’ll know that Hook uttered these words to Emma. Emma, always afraid of loving, yet never able to stop it. Hook, so cold-hearted, yet revived and increasingly warm-heated at … Continue reading

The Check-In Phenomenon (And How to NOT Give Into It!)

The Check-In Phenomenon. We all know what it is. You break up, then after a (short) period of time, the one who initiated the break-up starts to “check-in” on the one they dumped in various ways. Calls, texts, Facebook, email, … Continue reading

I Don’t Want to Love You

I don’t want to love you. The pain is too deep. The weight too heavy. The scars too unhealing. And the price, well, you tell me? I don’t want to love you. Four years I’ve given, My heart in whole, … Continue reading

L’Amour a la Disney [Video]

Disney has recently created a lovelable, modern silent film all about the serendipity of love (and a little magic too!). Honestly, watching it makes me so happy I want to burst! So excuse me while I watch it again. Enjoy!

[Click the Image Below to View the Video]


Image/Video courtesy of Wimp.com

The Beginning of a Love Affair (Chapter 1)

The following is the first chapter of Confessions of a Wedding Blogger and an Almost Fiancée. Enjoy and feel free to comment below!   It all started when I was a twelve year old tomboy. I’d always been a girl … Continue reading